Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday News and Views

This past weekend was a momentous one around here. Lot's of news affecting me and the guys I work with. I know many of you coming here may not be familiar with my local scene, but some of you are, and this stuff needs telling, so here goes!

As I posted yesterday, Mr. 24 managed to snap his digit Saturday doing trail work. Today he finds out when they are going to put the hardware in his finger to help mend it back together. Let's see, a really good 24 hour racer enhanced with titanium, hmmm........sounds about right! All kidding aside, here's to the hope that he heals up fast and is able to continue riding ASAP!

Then we have Carlos, or "Buchanandale as he likes to be called these days, who had to rush his wife to the hospital this weekend so she could deliver their wonderful new baby girl, Rhea, into the world. Congratulations to them and here's hoping that all that 24 hour race experience comes in handy when little Rhea wakes you up in the middle of the night, like all little ones do. Don't worry! It won't last long, although it might seem like it while you're going through it!

Then we have some bicycle news to pass along. I rode the crap out of the Badger Cycles Dorothy this weekend. I'll be putting up a post soon about that on Twenty Nine Inches, but for now I'll let you all know that it was one smoooth ride! I'll go into greater detail on it in the post for the other site. Look for that very soon! Also, the On One Carbon Super Light fork first impressions will be getting posted up there soon, as well. Probably later this week.

The 24 hour "World Champion"............isn't Chris Eatough! That's probably the big race news of the weekend. No slight to the awesome effort by Craig Gordon, but he's not exactly a well known name here, yet! Knocking off Chris Eatough from his perennial platform is a major accomplishment, and that should help in getting Craig's name on the lips of more people. However; I still have issues with the whole "World Championship" thing. The level of competition was high, for those who showed up. But there were alot of names missing from that solo mens roster. Who, you might ask? Well just take a look at this coming weekends Moab roster for starters. This whole "world championship" 24 hour thing reminds me a bit of college footballs bowl championship set up. It's goofy and wrong, but it's all we have. Can't we do any better?

Okay, that's a wrap for today. If any of you run into Mr. 24 soon, ask him if he's packing his lederhosen for his next trip. Maybe Carlos could lend him his? We'll see!

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