Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Moving On: Time Keeps Tickin'

(Note: Today's title combines two great classic rock songs: One's a title and another one's a famous line. Can't help it sometimes!)

Yesterday's post brought the urgency to do some Trans Iowa recon to the forefront again. I have alot to do, but thankfully, I have already started and alot has been done already. Perhaps a fifth of the course has been either ridden by bicycle or driven on by car. Last year I did a huge chunk of recon in November. This year I plan on doing the same. I'll be interested to see if I can find The Lost Highway...............no, really!

I also looked at the calendar last night and planned out some test rides, and yes, some work that needs to get done around the house. It's hard to fit it all in when time keeps moving on at what seems to be a rapid pace that accelerates as the years go by. Special test rides on an unavailable ( yet) bike, test rides on carbon forks, test rides on new bikes, etc.........then my daughter says, "Daddy! Come here and look at this!", and I forget about all of it.

Sometimes you just have to put it all into perspective.

Bikes are great, and I love 'em. Riding especially, but everything else too. But there are things more important in life that you shouldn't miss. Things that won't wait for you to stop and notice, because time keeps tickin'..............and then it's gone!

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