Friday, October 06, 2006

On One Carbon Super Light Fork On Test

Here is the On One Carbon Super Light Fork that arrived straight from the U.K. yesterday. Thanks to the kindness of Brant at On One Cycles we have the opportunity to see what this carbon beauty can do.

Look for full specs and a first impression soon on Twenty Nine Inches

Right now I can tell you that the fork is very good looking with it's very noticeable carbon weave and polished forged crown. The drop outs are chunky bits that look to be CNC'ed out of aluminum. Forward facing drop outs = good for discy-disc use without jettisoning the front wheel during extreme braking.

The fork feels quite light for a mountain bike fork and especially for a 29"er fork, which this is. Rake on this carbon legged beauty is 47mm, which should lend a snappy feeling, quick steering performance to the On One Inbred 29"er that it will be mounted to.

Again: full specs, backround information, and first riding impressions to come very soon. I have an important date with a furious blue bicycle named after a sharp clawed animal to complete before it heads back north up the "yellow brick road".

Stay tuned!

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