Saturday, October 14, 2006

Riding With Dorothy

Got some more riding in on Dorothy today up at Camp Ingawanis. Chilly, but a beautiful sun dappled day. Here she is up in "The Pines" Loop. The needles were deep!

Here's "a friend" that went along for much of the ride, apparently. I stopped to check out at the information kiosk and noticed it! Guess it was a good thing it was Saturday the 14th and not the day before!

Coming down a hill along a ridge here. It was fun "surfing" the leafs and sand!

Here's a pic going up that same ridge. Lot's of leafy cover for roots and sandy traps! Climbing was interesting, to say the least.

All in all a very fun day. I also had been out earlier in the morning on my Inbred 29"er out at Ullrich park in Cedar Falls. That "trialsy", twisty course was a good one for testing the off camber traits and the downhill traits of the Superlight Carbon 29"er fork. I'll be back there doing some more testing on the Switchblade fork and on the XXIX. Time is running short for comfortable testing weather, so I've got to get that riding in soon!

Heck, who cares if the lawn needs mowing...........right?

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