Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sunday Early Edition

Here are a few bits for perusal. No particular order here, just random thoughts floating around my brain today.

Snapped like a twig: Mr 24 took one for the team yesterday while helping to build and maintain trail out at the Camp Ingawanis Trail System yesterday. Snapped his finger, he did. You can click on over to his blog to see the twisted, swollen results, if you want to. I think they need to name that trail the Broken Finger Trail or something similar to honor his sacrifice.

Badger Dorothy: Still getting out for rides on the Dorothy prototype. I won't say much other than this: it's pretty dialed in. I'm going to have it in my hands until next weekend, so no report until at least a week from now. Stay Tuned!

Is this the end of Good Weather? Talking about riding, this may be the end of comfortable conditions for riding. I see snow being talked of for Thursday and highs only in the 30's. (Fahrenheit) So, break out the tights and jackets, it's time to suit up! I think it's going to be a short lived blast, but it won't be long before that weather is here to stay! Well, at least for a few months. Some of you won't care because you're ending "your season", whatever that means. I ride all year long, so I have no concept of that anymore.

Fork Swapping: The shop is closed today because we are in "winter hours mode", which means I might be able to get over there to do a quickie fork swap. The shop has a really nice crown race remover that I don't have, so this is why I'm thinking of popping in there today. If it happens, the results will be posted ASAP!

I wonder how those big 24 hour races are going? Trek sweep in Georgia? How's the sand in Utah? The results might be predictable, but the stories are always pretty good, we'll see in a few hours. Update: 7:10am: Chris Eatough is down a lap to Aussie Craig Gordon. Is the Eatough reign over? Is this the end of American 24hr race domination, like in XC? Time will tell. Interesting stuff! Check out for updates.

That's it! Go ride yer bikes now, whaddya waitin' for?

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