Sunday, October 22, 2006

Under The Weather

Lot's of times you hear this phrase, under the weather used to describe a condition of not being well, or sick. I like to think of this phrase when I can't ride my bike on the trails due to it being too muddy, or raining, or both. Saturday I qualified on both levels. Rain made testing/ riding not possible and I had picked up a head cold earlier in the week that had decided to ratchet up the sickness factor a few notches at the same time. So, it was a pretty low key day for me.

In fact, it looks like a pretty low key weekend, as I'm still coming back from yesterdays sucker punch. Oh well, rest as hard as you train, is what Mr. 24 would say.

Graham at Go Clipless has a couple first impressions on some of the newest 29"er full suspension rigs that he rode at the Outdoor Demo at Interbike a few weeks ago. Check out his thoughts on those. For those of you out there that might be thinking, "Oh yeah, 29"ers aren't "real" full suspension, just ten years behind 26"ers, that's all", need to check out this thread and get up to date. Anyone that doubts what Graham is saying on Go Clipless should reconsider their opinions after seeing that thread on the 29"er forum at While Graham seems to be giving the 26 inch wheel it's death notice, I wouldn't go quite as far. I think 26"ers have their place, but I agree that the 29"er is about to revolutionize alot of folks off roading experiences. And it's only the beginning.............

Have a great weekend, and go ride!

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