Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday News and Views

Upcoming Testing: Now that I've got a break from major events for a bit, I am planning on cramming a whole bunch of testing into the month of May. Things like the Bontrager Tubeless Ready Wheels/ tires, the WTB Weir Wolf tires, new Bontrager Rhythm saddle, Trek's digital computer, and more. I have a Tioga Spider saddle being tested now, as we speak and also the three lubes in the Guitar Ted Lube-off. The Titec H-Bar has been passed on to a new owner and I should be able to access his thoughts on it after a while. (So far, he loves it). The Gary bar, (the Midge clone, dirt drop) will also see more testing after the Karate Monkey recieves a long overdue overhaul!

Speaking of "Big" Events.... The Big Wheeled Ballyhoo is taking place on June 23rd-24th. If you plan on coming, please take a minute to fill out the form here. This will help us to better organize and prepare for you to have a great time riding mountain bikes in the beautiful city of Decorah, Iowa. Lots of demo bikes, fun, give aways, and more are planned. The City of Decorah is bending over backwards for this event, so expect a warm welcome and good times.

Secret Project Bikes: I have two custom built frames in process right now and I have dubbed them Secret Project #1 and Secrect Project #2 for right now. The status of both frames is that one is brazed up and awaiting paint/powdercoating and the other is about to be brazed up very soon. As of now, the two rigs should at the very least be framesets ready to show at the Ballyhoo, and it's hoped that one or possibly both will be rideable. That all depends on money! I have to buy all the parts to flesh these two out. It's a good thing they are both single speeds!

The plan is also to let you in on the processes to obtain your own custom bike, the philosophies behind different builds, and what it takes to be a custom bike builder from two very different builders. The paths I chose to accomplish these two projects has been very different as well. Stay tuned for more later this summer!

Okay, it's spring time! Spring into action and get out and ride!

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