Friday, May 25, 2007

Project Badger Update

Heading into Memorial Day Weekend, I leave you with these pics of the brazing up of the Badger frame I am having built.

Rear dropout being attached to the chainstay.

Fire! heh heh!..........ummmm....yeah! Fire! Fire!

The Head Badgermaster Rob Pennell doing his magic on the head tube.

Rob lays down some of the prettiest, symetrical fillets I have ever seen.

She's outta the jig!

Note the extended head tube length for drop bar usage.

Ready for final braze on work. After that the joints will all be smoothed and inspected. Then she's off to be painted.

I'll be out of town most of the weekend enjoying some dirt riding in the Minneapolis area. I'll have a ride report on Monday.

Enjoy the holiday weekend! Be safe and ride your bikes!

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