Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ergon E1 Grips: Update

I have been putting in some more rides on this grip and I wanted to update you on how it's been doing so far.

I have had ongoing concerns that this grip wasn't going to cut it and become part of my gear because of it's "rounder" shape than the other "paddle" shaped Ergon grips like the P-1 or GX series. I was afraid I would suffer the dreaded hand numbness issues that have plagued me with other grips. I think that I have figured out the E-1 though.

While it probably won't be the grip I use for my long, long gravel rides or in a multi hour off road ride, the E-1 absolutely nails technical trail riding better than any other grip out there including the other Ergon offerings.

I have them mounted to an Origin 8 Space Bar, which is a knock off of a Mary bar, (Read: a funky bar with a ton of backsweep) and they are perfect on this sort of handle bar. The metal flared end that serves as the lock on keeps your hands from coming off the end of the grips when yanking back on the bars to loft the front wheel for drops and wheelies. Since the bar is pointing some what backwards, this is an important feature to consider that will keep you in contact with the bars and not flying off the end of the grips. The multi-shaped contours fill the hand nicely and provide a great platform for your hand without getting in the way of making those power moves. Actually, I think it helps spread the impacts of trail irregularities over a greater area so my palms don't feel "beat up" at all after a techy ride.

The grip surface is nice and rubbery. Not sticky, but it gives good friction btween my gloves and the grip surface. The lock on collar makes the grip as one with the handle bar. No worries of spinning the grip here.

My conclusion is that for really technical trail riding, for urban trickery, or for those that don't get on with Ergons more "paddle shaped" fare, the E-1 is a perfect choice for a grip. I plan on using them for my more challenging rides that require secure yet comfortable grip on the bars. The shape doesn't cause me instant numbness, like traditional grips, but for longer endurance rides that cover several hours I think the "paddle shaped" offerings like the GX or P-1 are the way to go for me. Different gripa for different rides! What a concept!

As an aside, Ergon is starting to produce the gloves they designed to compliment these grips. Check out Mr mean Mr 24's post about them here!

Then there is that backpack...............I wants one of those too! Hurry up, Ergon. Ha ha!

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