Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday Yahoo!

Well, if you saw my post from earlier today, I mentioned that something might be showing up today that would make coming back here worth while. Well, here it is!
This is a Willits WOW fork, which is a steel unicrown fork designed to be "vertically compliant" I'll be mounting this up on my Raleigh XXIX+G to test it out. (The Raleigh, by the way, has been re-named "Allie Rose" by my daughter, which I like alot more than "XXIX+G". )
I'll be getting out on a test ride with Mr. 24 at the Boy Scout Camp tomorrow, so check back on Twenty Nine Inches
and here for a ride report later tomorrow, hopefully.

In the meantime, check out yesterday's GTDRI announcement or just go to the site. Have some fun checking that out. (Kerkove has a twisted mind, I tell ya!)

See ya later!

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