Sunday, May 06, 2007

Wet Sunday Doldrums's raining! Or should I say Noooooo! It's raining! Ahhhhh! (I think choice #2 is more appropriate to my current mood!

Anyway, this is the kind of thing we don't need on top of already flooded local trails. On a more positive note; last week end was Trans Iowa, and not this weekend. I suppose it helps to stay positive!

So, I have a few tidbits of information and some commentary for you. First up; it's Chris King and the King Cycle Group to the rescue with colored headsets that are available now in any mix and match combination of their current color palette plus purple and turquoise in limited quantities. (Sorry! No complete headsets in purple or turquoise. I know! I was bummed too!) Anyway, you can now get crazy with that new bike build and get a different color for your top or bottom cups, and top cap. Kind of like their famous Dreadset headset, if you are at all familiar with that one.

Also, King Cycle Group has that pink stuff available all year long now. (Bicycle parts and accessories, you nincompoops!) They have a pretty serious take on the thing, so check the linkage. In pink related news, the company is also building complete wheelsets using the pink hubs in five different models. Sadly, they don't do a 29"er wheelset! (I know. I was bummed again!)

I wrote another take on the 69er thing for Twenty Nine Inches. Check it out if you want, but basically I think the new interest in it is going to be from serious racer types and short chainstay fanatics. 29"ers still rule as far as I'm concerned.

There has been some updates at The Big Wheeled Ballyhoo site that you might want to check out. If you are thinking about coming, please check into the RSVP link to give us a heads up. It's a great way to help us out in our fine tuning of this event. Look for more updates and news about The Ballyhoo here soon!

Okay, that's it for today. Check out your favorite cycling vid, spin the trainer, and pray for some dry weather!

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