Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Lost My Groove

Well, all good things eventually must end and so it is with Trans Iowa V3. I am sure that this one will be remembered for a long time, judging from the response I've seen. I am glad it was a success.

However; one should never rest on their laurels, and there are bills to pay, so I have got to get back into the groove of the everday routine again. No more rest time. As if I rested yesterday! Ha! I mowed the burgeoning jungle that was about to overtake the back yard. Then I unpacked The Dirty Blue Box and downloaded all that race stuff. Then............I had a beer! Yep! I figured a little celebrating was in order for all the things that went right this past weekend. (And not all of my doing either.) Then I topped it all off. I did something that was sorely missing for me all weekend.

I rode my bike. I didn't go very far or very hard. I just rode for awhile. I needed that!

In that short ride, I began to sense it coming back. That groove, that thing that had been missing for awhile.

I think I know what I'll be doing to get back on track!

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