Monday, May 07, 2007

Monday News And Views

The local scene here was treated to the annual Camp Ingawanis XC race yesterday in rainy, muddy conditions. Things got pretty gooey to the point that they had to cut short the festivities, which is too bad. I had a feeling yesterday as the rain poured down that things wouldn't even get started at all, so I suppose it's cool that at least some riding was put in. Check the 150 plus photos by Mr. 24 for more gooey, muddy views.

As I write, the additional rain from overnight is tapering off. Uggh! It's going to be awhile before anything local is rideable again. Fortunately, Decorah is only about an hour and a half away, and it drains very well up there. It looks as though that I'll be up there next weekend for some exploration for the Big Wheeled Ballyhoo and for some testing. Pictures and a ride report will be posted, as long as it doesn't decide to rain this weekend!

As I posted yesterday, the "69er" article I wrote is posted on Twenty Nine Inches. Check it out and hit the comment link to read those comments. Some more interesting stuff there too.

I think we're going to see the unveiling of a true AM/FR/DH 29"er with some meaty, huge rubber this week sometime. Mike Curiak is hinting at something new that he is tickled to death about and if I know him, that means a big, long travel, fat tired, 29 inch wheeled mountain tamer. Think bigger than a "Behemoth" and you'll be there! Stay tuned here, on Twenty Nine Inches, or at the 29"er forum on for the latest. She'll be comin' down the mountain when she comes.......

Newsy bits all week long! Stay tuned for more.............

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