Saturday, May 05, 2007

Trail Building

Today I put in some four hours worth of "sweat equity" into our Boy Scout Camp mountain bike trails in preparation for the XC race out there tomorrow. Blisters never felt so good!

The race directors have a pretty ambitious plan in having different courses for all classes. That's cool! I got to put time in on the beginners trail. Lots of decisions were made and angles were assessed. I thought it was a great way to give back something that mountain biking has given me. I wish I could be there tomorrow to watch that begginers race, and see how those new sections of trail work out. I've got to be at church playing in the band this weekend, or I would be.

Maybe I'll get a chance to swing over afterwards and ride it post race. They need flags and markers picked up anyway, so hey! What the heck!

I guess those guys up in Minny-apple-puss must be sniffin' too much glue or something because I got invited to be on Team Twin Six. So, what would anybody want from a forty-six year old, surly 29"er freak? Good question! I'll be along side of folks like Mr. 24 , and Team Dicky. All I can say is that I already am sportin' the 6 proudly, that I plan on racin' a time or two this year, and that I will still be a surly 29"er freak. Might I also add that Twin Six is about to unleash their own take on 29"ers soon, so stay tuned for that! As an this guy out and buy his steed!

Finally.........and I do mean "finally"! Badger Cycles has redesigned their website and it looks really nice now. Simple and clean. Check it out.

Okay, that's it for Saturday night. Where was I a week ago? Oh yeah..................gravel!

Ride yer two wheeled contraption, ya'all!

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