Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wednesday News And Views

Sun Ringle' Introduces A New Wheelset: In news that's sure to be an indication of where the 29"er market is heading, Sun Ringle' has a new 29"er wheelset on offer for All Mountain use. Called the "High Rider 29er", the wheels feature a wide rim. This rim looks to be wider than anything currently available, sans the excellent Kris Holm unicycle rims. The exact specs are not available, but judging from the published weight of 2400 plus grams for the set, I'd say it's got to be a pretty wide, beefy rim. This wheelset joins the currently available Disco Flea XC wheelset for 29"ers that's a sub 1800 gram set. More as I can track it down.

Mr 24 Gets More Pub!: For those of you in the bicycle industry that get Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, you can check out the newest Ergon ad that features the most excellent "BD" series of backpacks made for cycling. If you check out the strip of athlete pictures that runs through the ad you will see three shots of Mr. 24 in his full Ergon Team kit. A couple of the shots I recognize as being taken at Sea Otter. Anyway, the ad is sure to be run in conventional cycling publications soon, so be on the look out for it. See if you can find Mr. 24! (By the way, congrats on the win at the 12 Hours of Branched Oak recently)

GTDRI Updates: You know it, you love it! The Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational, or GTDRI for short, is starting to come together slowly. I'll have updates every so often at the site now, so check it out if you are at all interested in a low key, underground type ride over silly amounts of gravel goodness. How much is silly, you ask? Well, we're looking at something in the 120 plus mile range right now, but the course is still in flux, so don't hold me to it. The idea here is to challenge ourselves to a chunk-o-mileage on the gravel in a days time and to have a good time during and afterwards. Check out the site for more details and updates on what exactly this is. Hopefully I'll have a new steed to ride it with by then!

That's it for today. Ride your bike to work! Ride it everywhere!

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