Thursday, September 13, 2007

Rawland Cycles Sneek Peek

I was forwarded these images of a new frame coming out soon by Rawland Cycles, a company that will be offering several bike models in the future all based off the 650B wheel size .

Take a look at this cool "bi-plane" fork. I love fork crowns like this and this one is a beauty.

These drop outs are awesome! Dragon up! Looks like a single speed set up here and that lower lip on the dragon should operate just fine as an opener for your favorite adult beverage.

Check out the model name, "Olaf". And the "P" on the seat tube is for Pacenti which is the company owned by Kirk Pacenti that is the main proponent of this whole new 650B mountain bike movement. Kirk also sells frame tubing and lugs, so I'm guessing this frame is made from stuff from Kirk's company.

Interesting extended head tube here. Makes me think "drop bar", baby! if I need another drop bar single speeder! Dang but this thing looks great! I hate it when I see stuff like this. (Heh heh!)

Disclaimer: I don't sell these, I am not affiliated with this company, nor do I know anything more than I just posted. I do happen to know that these bikes will be shown at Interbike as frame sets and /or complete bikes. I do know one of the guys involved with the project. (Thus the photos I got)

I also expect that soon I will be able to test ride one of these to get a take on what this whole 650B thing might be adding up to in terms of mountain biking. I suspect that it will ride pretty nicely, but how much of a difference from 26 inch wheels and how close to 29 inch wheels will it feel? That's the $64,000 question on everybodies minds these days that is looking at these 650B machines. Time will tell. Like about two weeks or so! Interbike will be pretty interesting this year!

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