Saturday, October 20, 2007

My Commute In Pictures: Part I

I got this idea from Endurosnob, but I tweaked it a bit. Hope you enjoy it.

My commute starts out with a four block long walk with my daughter to school. She likes to help push my bike.

After dropping her off, I back track those four blocks and head up Baltimore to it's dead end at a cemetery where I head left for a short jaunt to an alley for a block, get dumped out on another street and go left, and right down in front of some row houses. Another left/right turn combination finds me at a dead end. Straight ahead there is a 7 foot high embankment to the edge of HWY 63. I cross the four lane road and end up......

Here! On the other side of the road, I head left and down across this grassy field towards that overpass you see here. If your monitor is good, you will make out the path in the grass I've beat down over the last five years. That path drops down another 6ft embankment and dumps me out on the Sargent Road bike path. I go under that overpass, hang a sharp left on the bike path to.........

...this view. There used to be a casket company in this meadow. Now it's full of wild flowers and tall grass prairie. There still are flowers in bloom yet in mid-October, which is really cool. I see lots of birds here, including a Red Tailed Hawk that claims this area as it's territory. To the right there is a very steep 20-30ft high embankment to the Avenue of the Saints highway.

The bike path eventually turns right here, but I go straight from this dead end of Falls Avenue. Falls used to be Highway 218 from Cedar Falls to Waterloo back sixty years ago. Now it's a little used dead end spur at it's Eastern terminus. Up ahead is a bridge across the Black Hawk Creek, another cemetery on the right, and finally an intersection with a major city street, Fletcher Avenue, which used to be Cleaveland Avenue back in the day, but they changed it up about fifteen years ago. Anyway, I continue up Falls Avenue on my way to work.

That's it for today. Part II will detail the rest of the Falls Avenue portion of my commute.

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