Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wednesday News And Views

Trans Iowa Tune Up Ride: An update for ya'all that might be coming. (What......all five or six of us. Heh heh!) Anyway, the course is draining well, road repairs are in full swing, and with little to no rain for the week the "B" roads should firm up rather well. We'll be just past a full moon, so the earliest part of the ride might be pretty fun with that and a rising sun. This should be fun and I'm excited. See ya early Saturday!

SE Racing Stout: I'm going to hang it up on the peg until after the ride mentioned above, but so far I'm impressed. Keeping in mind it's a $470.00 retail rig, this bike has been performing above my expectations. Would I change some stuff if I owned one? Absolutely. Is their some stuff on it that stinks? No, I just have high expectations of my equipment and some certain peccadilloes that I indulge myself in that would necessitate some parts swappage, that's all. In fact, I did change a couple of things I just couldn't do without. A longer seat post and clipless pedals, but then I think most riders getting this rig would agree with those minor changes. More soon on this surprising rig at Twenty Nine Inches.

The Bike Lab: I've mentioned this before but the newest addition to the Crooked Cog Network
is up and running with it's final look and layout. Check it out.

What a Blog! Okay, here is another one I previously mentioned, but with only four posts under his belt, Mike Curiak has really impressed, (as I fully expected he would) with his blog. Get in on the ground floor here and then don't miss a post. Really. You will find some pretty cool stuff there that you won't see anywhere else. His latest post on Alaska is worth a thousand of my posts alone. (Okay, so I'm a fan! Sue me!) But tell me, where else are you going to go to get pictures and words like that, huh?

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