Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Commute In Pictures: Part III

Here's the final installment of my commute. Here I have just crossed the overpass of Green Hill Road and am looking at the curb hop of the on and off ramps from University to Green Hill. Lots of care needed to dodge traffic here! After getting back on to frontage road "safety", I pass by a K-Mart. This finally starts the downhill portion of my commute. I run a diagonal through their parking lot to the right to a side street named Progress. That's a downhill to the next left, on Acorn.

Here's the look up Acorn. Yes, back uphill again! This used to be a service road that crossed the back of the Star Lite Drive In Theater. Right about where those cookie cutter condos sit is where a lot of babies were concieved! Anyway, I go up to the next left and take it for a short spell to a quick right and down hill once more.

Here's the final run in to the back end of the strip mall where Europa Cycle and Ski is located.

I've just about been taken out several times by young gals on their way to work zipping up this street from the right in the photo. Just my luck. Someday I'll probably get nailed within sight of work!

And here it is! The back door to the shop!

And here's my work area. Ready to go for another day!

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