Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Commute In Pictures: Part II

Last time we left off with my crossing Fletcher Avenue on Falls. Right after that intersection I pass a long time Waterloo resturaunt icon in Steamboat Gardens. Finest greasy cheeseburgers anywhere! Okay, focus....focus.....

On up Falls Avenue to my next major intersection at Ansborough. There's a gas station there on the right. 1st motivation for commuting in the morning! Also worth noting is that the final block approaching this intersection is slightly downhill. The last downhill since I crossed the Black Hawk creek bridge. Most of this commute is uphill to the West/Northwest. Funny thing is that we get West/Northwest winds all Fall/Winter/Spring too. Combined with the nearly all uphill profile of this commute it gives me quite the workout somedays. Like Friday when the winds were out of the West at 25-35mph!

Once I get past Ansborough, it's all uphill to University Avenue which is a very busy six lane affair. Fortunately the City saw fit to put in a walkway here that I can use to get up this hill. I call it "Water Tower Hill" because it's got a municipal water tower at the top. It's also the toughest part of my commute.

Things finally level off here at this gas station where I cut through the parking lot to a frontage road running parallel to University. Second motivation for commuting here! I get a kick out of the reactions from folks filling their tanks as I go gliding by. Still slightly uphill through here.

The frontage road dead ends just before the overpass of Green Hill Road. Again, it's fortunate that the City/State saw to it to include walkways over the bridge. University Avenue used to be Highway 218 after Falls Avenue was abandoned as the highway. Now 218 runs a different route and this is actually still a state highway. It's one of the rare unmarked routes, but I happen to know it's State Highway 934. Now you know too!

That's it for part two of My Commute. Stay tuned for Part III coming up yet this afternoon where I will detail out the last section of riding down University Avenues side paths and the final run up to my workplace.

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