Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Season's End

I was surfing the net checking out some blogs when I noticed that a lot of the new pictures I was looking at had snow in them. Snow? Yup! It's that time of year again and I am going to struggle.

The biggest thing is the lack of daylight. Yeah........I suppose I have that whatchamacallit syndrome. The one that says you get depressed if there isn't enough sunlight or something. I don't know, but coupled with the cold air it makes for an added challenge to overcome just to get myself out the door. You know......I think I'm part bear or something, because sleeping through the winter sounds like an excellent idea about right now.

Then there is the lack of cycling activities this time of year. That might affect some a lot more than me, but it makes for dull conversations at the bike shop. I suppose this factor of the "off season" doesn't affect me much since I don't ride a lot with other folks anyway. But it's there and that affects some of you, I'm sure.

I know that winter has it's delights. I mean, the first ride in snow always has it's novelty. Cross country skiing is really fun, but that has been a two week long season at best around here for the last seven years. Last time I checked winter was just a weee bit longer than that! Seems like our winters now allow for some extended late season riding until the temps get rediculously low and the wind chill spells death to outdoor seekers. Oh! And don't forget the occaisonal ice storm or two.

Hopefully the end of this season dovetails right into the start of the next one, but somehow I doubt it. Hibernation anyone?

Rider Down! This just in to me thanks to my buddy d.p. via the Folks From Lincoln: Emily Broderson, a fine rider and a tough gal, took a nasty spill at the Homey Fall Fest up in Minny-apple-puss last weekend. She's hurt, but she's going to be okay. Check out the Folks From Lincoln site and scroll down to get all the latest on Em and the Fest. (WARNING: There is a pretty disturbing pic of the results of Em's crash, so if yer queasy, beware!) Send Emily some encouragement @ emilybrodersen@hotmail.com. Thanks for checking this out!

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