Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Trans Iowa Tune Up Ride Details

Trans Iowa Tune Up Ride? Yep! If you haven't heard about it, check out this thread on If you want to see the route we are using, click here. It is the Guitar Ted Death Ride route from last August only we're running it in reverse. Anti-clockwise from Marengo through Toledo and around back to Marengo. There are a couple of smaller towns we'll run through too, but these will make up the major stops. About 110 miles of total distance if it doesn't rain! (Rain may shorten the course)

If you are inclined to come out and ride this you can. We are doing it for fun, but we thought Trans Iowa folks might want to test the waters a bit, or maybe you just like gravel. Whatever! You are welcome to ride this if you want to.

The ride will start at 6am on October the 27th from the East side of the square in Marengo, Iowa. Parking around the town square is cool, so leave your vehicle there. There is a very limited amount of motel space available that weekend being that pheasant hunting season starts that weekend. (Might want to don your blaze orange!)

It's not a race, so don't worry about getting dropped. Plenty of bail out spots too. That said, we expect you to get yourself back to your vehicle, so be prepared! This is a self supported ride and you are on your own as far as getting there and back again out on the route. There are no services provided. You are responsible for yourself. We'll wait up for slower riders, but we'll also let you know if we think you're done too! Time is limited, so just like Trans Iowa, we've gotta keep movin' along, ya know?

Are you on board? Want to see if this is for you? Then print out the turn by turn directions at the Routeslip site and show up about 5:45am in Marengo on the 27th of October with your bike and your lights blazing. Oh yeah, it'll be dark for about an hour and a half to start out with! Just like Trans Iowa. We expect to finish up right at dark in the evening, given good conditions. That's about 6pm give or take.

I'll be there with d.p. and some like minded folks. See ya!

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