Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Why I Ride: Part II

Sometimes I think this whole internet thing is just goofy. Especially concerning the 29"er folks. Take for instance this post over at mtbr.com concerning Twenty Nine Inches recent face lift. Or take a look at this post which is getting goofier by the minute. It all points to a problem I've alluded to here before. This innerweb thingie is a big black hole that can suck you in hard.

I like to think of it like we did about televison back in the day. "The Idiot Box" we called it. It seems that the more information we have available to us, the more we get sucked into the hypnotic allure of staring at the monitor to find out more......and more........and more..... Like an addict, we lose sight of the "good" of the internet and how we are supposed to "enhance" our life experiences with it. Instead, it becomes our life, to some degree, and virtual reality takes over from what we used to go outside and experience for real.

Now it may seem mighty ironic to those of you who pay attention to what I do that I would be writing such stuff. I do benefit from the internet for sure, I won't hide that fact. However; it is a curse that has to be beaten back like a prowling beast, or it has the potential to take over my life too. I'm not immune. So I do something that I would prescribe to any of you. I ride whenever I can.

Just like yesterday. It was pouring rain. My wife asked if I needed the car to get to work. I chose the bike instead. Why? Not because I am trying to be a "super commuter", not because I'm a tough guy, and definitely not because I am trying to be "green", (although green is one of my favorite colors!) Nope! I needed to get out and actually ride a bike, instead of writing and reading about it. Even if it was in the pouring rain. And you know what?

It was good!

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