Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Too Much, Too Soon

<====If the Airborne had a brown anodized post and brown saddle, it'd be lost somewhere out there yet!

Too much, too soon is what it was yesterday. I need time to acclimate!

I'm talking about this late July weather we're having in early May. Heck, it was less than a month ago that it snowed last, and only last week it was below freezing coming to work in the mornings. My body hasn't made the switch to "summertime mode" yet, but I did go to work on that yesterday. It was a short-ish session in Camp Ingawanis' south side.

Everything is green now and growing like mad. It won't be long before the weeds and undergrowth are out of control out there. But for now, it is still manageable. Plus- no bugs! Well, very few, at any rate, and no mosquitoes to speak of. Yet. That will come with a vengeance soon enough, I am afraid!

<==I  did get this awesome "dirt tan" on my legs though!
There was plenty of heat though, and as my ride went on, I could feel my body starting to get hotter and hotter. It wasn't "tuned" for this yet, and after a bit, that dreaded "head throb" I can get when I over-heat started in. It was then that I decided enough was enough for today. 80-something degrees with 70 degree dew points. Yeah, that felt pretty brutal coming out of chilly weather, but given some exposure to that, I'll catch on again.

<==Velocity A-23's as seen on the  "Orange Crush " BMC bike.

Yesterday I reported on the A-23's and I figured I would show them off on the bike here. They are the 28/28 hole "custom" versions of the Comp Build A-23's. Velocity will do "off the menu things" for you if you want, and if it isn't outrageous, or beyond their capabilities.

These wheels are pretty light, and the main thing I was interested in was the slightly wider rims, (23mm, thus the name), and how that would be better for the wider, more voluminous tires I like to run. The other wheel sets I have used were rather skinny, and although I never ran into any issues using them, I know my tires have more support and will be less likely to roll off. This is important to me because I rarely ever run higher than 40psi in my tires I am using. In this case, they are the Bontrager XR-1's.

I was stoked to get these on the BMC, but it is too bad that Dirty Kanza isn't going to work out for me this year. I would have liked to have seen how this set up would have done for me down there. Oh well. I have plenty of gravel to burn down around here, and I need to get cracking on that route for the GTDRI.

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I feel you on the weather changes,my friend!