Sunday, October 16, 2011

Clearing The Schedule

Been busy getting things taken care of for Trans Iowa recon set for next weekend. Test rides, house work, spending a bit of extra quality time with the family, and wrapping up some other obligations are all being done in extra doses getting ready for this first stab at getting a bunch of the recon done.

Actually, I'd like to get all of it done next weekend. Possible? Not likely, but remember, the first two cross state Trans Iowas were largely done in one weekend of recon. So, I'm looking to get there, but being realistic too.

I've been getting a few e-mails trickling in asking about registration. Typically we do that in November, so soon, very soon. I am looking at doing something very different this year for registration, as far as the way it will be handled. I will probably structure it very similarly to last year's where a certain number of Finishers will get first crack and Vets and Rookies will split the remainder of the spots equally. Stay tuned... I'll have specific details coming on all of this.

If recon goes well, a slew of announcements will happen directly afterward, so stay tuned to the weekend blog posts here and to Trans Iowa's site for weekly updates.

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