Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Did I Mention I Was Converted? Part II

Like this, only in Fun Guy Green
 A while ago, I mentioned I was converted to liking the Gen II version of the Fargo from Salsa Cycles. I hinted that I may be getting one in to possibly replace the Gen I Fargo I've had in the stable since, oh......what has it been now? Three....four years? Something like that...

Anyway, here is the deal: My friend, Ben Witt, has a size large Fun Guy Green Gen II Fargo frame he needs gone, so I am grabbing it from him, (at a price, of course), and then......well, I haven't yet decided! 

There is a really good chance that the newer Fargo will be replacing an older custom bike I have sitting in the Lab which hasn't been ridden since the snow flew last. That frame and fork will just go up on the wall, and Fargo Gen II will get the nod as the single track drop bar bike with options. The parts from the older custom rig will go right over to the newer Fargo. Maybe I'll track down a 80mm suspension fork, or do some fancy travel reducing to an older fork I have for this. We'll see....This does a couple things for me.

Too good to put out to pasture
As I said before, I really feel at home on this older Fargo. Yes- it is heavy, and it doesn't have the capability to do suspension forks, and it might steer weirdly at times, but this fits me too well! 

I am going to get a proper 9 or 10 speed crankset for it, and at some point, I am going to build up a decently light weight set of tubeless wheels, (or press into service some older light weight wheels I already own), and I am going to dedicate the Fargo Gen I to be a fat tired gravel bike with options.

I'll likely get a Tangle Bag for it, and possibly one of those ginormous Revelate seat bags, and use it for my long gravel tours.

The Fargo Gen II will be "dirt-centric" and used mostly for anything with a lot of rougher going, regular mtb rides, and of course, the bags could be transferred over from Gen I Fargo for anything remotely looking like bike-packing.

So, that's the master plan. Two green-ish Fargos, two purposes. Stay tuned for more on this to come...


mw said...

i have a 29er heavy stable, but with no suspension options unless i convert my KM into mtb duty temporarily, which i've done, and it's fun like that.

my new light duty gravel bike gives me a nice group ride option for faster rides in nicer weather. my drop bar 29er will likely see more of the casual and messy weather rides.

it's fun to alter each bike for a differnt purpose.

MG said...

I actually just built my v1 Fargo back up as my SS, and am loving having both generations of the bike at my disposal. They both have unique and endearing characters. And while the v2 bike is clearly a better "mountain bike" by contemporary 29"er mountain bike standards, the v1 bike offers that ultra-low BB, long-rake fork, long chainstay combo that is ultra unique and super fun in fast, flowy singletrack. Good stuff... that variety.

Steve Fuller said...

Thinking about a suspension fork for my Gen 2 just so I also "have some options". Recommendations for a solid fork that won't break the bank? I have a couple of year old Reba Race on my Dos Niner, but the steerer is cut already.

Guitar Ted said...

@Steve Fuller: If you can hunt down a Rock Shox Recon TK Gold, those are decent forks that are relatively inexpensive. Manitou Tower Expert is another one.