Saturday, October 15, 2011

Candy Apple Rad

Milwaukee Bicycle Company 29"er
Hoping to get out to Camp Ingawanis today to get this red beauty wrung out on the trails there. Should be a good time, as Captain Bob plans on being there as well.

This bike is detailed out now on Twenty Nine Inches so I won't go all techy here, but this bike seems to be one of those bikes that makes you want to ride fast.

We were discussing this at work, how a carbon bike will feel stiff, efficient, and fast, but a good steel bike seems to be more. More "what" is the question, but it is definitely more fun to ride a nicely designed steel bike than a carbon one, most of the time. Of course, it is hard to deny that a super light weight build going up a climb feels nice, but I don't know...... It's hard to describe it. Probably this Milwaukee rig and the first Lynskey Ridgeline are the funnest, most grin inducing single speeds going up that I have ever thrown a leg over. Springy? Gives something back?

Who can really put it into words, I don't know, and I haven't read anything on a steel frame that makes me say, "Yeah! That's it!"

Maybe someday someone will capture it in words, but for now, it is time to ride!


Glenn said...

That's the feeling I have on my Lynskey road bike. It's just "fun". I don't want to stop riding.

jdc said...

You know how an old tube amp has that "warm" feeling to it compared to solid state? That's what steel vs aluminum or carbon is to me. Steel is like an old leather jacket, it breaks in and becomes better than the day you bought it, whereas carbon will never be that way. It can only be as good as what it was at the start.

MG said...

More funner... That's what it is!