Saturday, October 01, 2011

Did I Mention I Was Converted?

Yes- It is better.
The new version of the Fargo has been out for some time now, and if you have been paying attention, I haven't said a whole lot about it. That was because I had never ridden it, until recently, that is.

My friend, Ben Witt, told me a long time ago that it was something I'd like and he thought it was a better bike. Of course, he has taken the opportunity to say "I told ya so!", since I rode it at Bootleg Canyon and said I thought as much too. It does single track a lot better, and you can mount a front suspension device on it. This is significant for me.

There were these rides that used to happen, the Fargo Adventure Rides, and I think on just about every one of them, there was some point in the ride where I thought to myself or said out loud, "I wish this thing had suspension on it." So, I think the Gen 2 Fargo will be coming into the stable, and I'll be throwing a suspension fork on it, and then I'll have myself a great little single track capable adventure rig to go along with my gravel grinders.

Will I keep the old Fargo? Hmm.....that's tough. I love the way that bike fits me. I just drape across it so well, that I think it must have been custom made just for me. But, I don't know that I would ride it all that much after getting Fargo Gen II. I have an idea about this, but I will wait to spring that on ya'all later.

For now, count me as one of the converted!


Steve Fuller said...

The only drawback I've seen going from my G1 to G2 Fargo frame is the loss of frame bag volume in the main triangle. To me, that's still a small issue compared to the improvements in how the bike feels and handles. The new frame will handle a 3x9 drivetrain just fine. :)

paxtoncoyote said...

after riding trails today @ Potter's Pasture I can honestly say my 2nd gen. Fargo is like a Swiss Army knife, it does it ALL! Can't wait to ride it there with gear, camp, ride trails then load it up & ride it home, I have a full set of bags ordered! Come on out & let's have some Fargo FUN!

Wally said...

I had a tough time selling my gen 1 frame but the newer Fargo is a better off road machine. I just need to ride it more which will be tough after a session with the Mukluk up around Faribault with Mr. Witt. That Mukluk was just something...

MG said...

I was just given my gen 1 frame back, so I'm going to build it up as my singlespeed and enjoy having an example of each... I kind of loved the original's low BB, rock crawler quirkiness! It was a lot of fun with super big tires mounted up.