Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Roadmap To Next Year

This vehicle will get me there.
Too early? It's never too early to start planning for "next year", (in this case), and I've been doing some mental exercises and making some decisions.

Obviously, the Snow Dog is running perfectly, and with some minor tweaking, this rig is going to see a lot of use this winter. I am most excited to use this bike for several reasons.
  • My bike riding season won't end
  • The Snow Dog will keep me fitter this winter
  • This bike is FUN!
So, that will be a big chunk of my winter plan. It doesn't make any difference if it snows a little, or a lot, or not much at all. The Snow Dog won't be stopped!

More Plans: I am also going to be tearing down and building up. Out with the old, in with the new. That sort of thing. I've already talked about the Fargo Gen II frame, but there is more.....

Yes folks, my Gun Kote purple El Mariachi is going to be "retired" and parts transferred over to a green El Mariachi frame when ever I can get my hands on a green example of this 2012 El Mariachi.

The purple ano bits on that old El Mar are going somewhere else......stay tuned!

The green El Mar will be dressed out in the White Industries crank, black Industry 9 wheels with Duster rims, a new bottom bracket and head set, (yet to be determined), a new seat post, a Bend 2 bar, Salsa stem, and Ergon grips with a WTB SST saddle. Brakes will be something new too.

That's right folks, I didn't mention "shifty bits" because this one will be a single speed. I also didn't mention a fork. I am still contemplating that, but I do have two things here that would work really well. I am just waiting to decide if maybe I should try a new carbon for with a strong resemblance to a Niner carbon fork. We'll see.

Wheels will be swapped, wheels will be built, and I also plan on pursuing that gravel bike build as well. Oh yeah........there is that old road bike I just got a hold of as well! 

All this and more Trans Iowa madness, gravel road riding, and who knows what. Planning. It is fun to do. Hopefully it all works out.


Wally said...

I too want a green El Mar....I'm thinking of moving the stuff from another hardtail over to it. But that said, it makes me wonder how much I would use it.
My more important build is going to be on a Ti fat bike frame with 65mm lite rims, tires of less width than BFL's, full cassette cogs, double up front....this will be my more off road machine.

Captain Bob said...

man, I can't get over how cool the Mukluk is......someday I might own one....someday.

Guitar Ted said...

@Wally: I can totally see your point. In fact, the Snow Dog will eventually be the fat bike you are building. My winter fat bike will be........stay tuned!

@Captain Bob: I'm tellin' ya- You'd use it more than you think you would. ;>)

Wally said...

@Captain Bob: Give Mr. Witt a call and ask him to tell you my EXACT words utter about fat bikes last year. Amazingly, he has them memorized and never fails to remind me how wrong I was. Thats okay, too. Mukluk has to the the eskimo word for "fun".

Unknown said...

Yea, where are all those green El Mars? I'm looking for a small to build up.

MG said...

The new green bomber!! Wow!

Ironically, my green El Mariachi (of the same vintage as your gun kote El M) is being passed onto a new owner soon as well. I just built an old v.1 steel Fargo up singlespeed and decided to divest 'ol greenie to a close friend. Need to clear out the quiver for a variety of reasons...

Change is good. Enjoy the new rides!