Sunday, October 09, 2011

Spinning My Wheels

Winter Is Coming
A Lament: Okay, I am sitting here thinking about how at this time of year I feel like there was sooo much I wanted to do, and never got it done.

Happens every year going into winter. All those plans you laid out in the spring....I'm gonna do this and that and the other thing. It's gonna be great!


The reality is that even when you think you've scaled back the plans and over-enthusiastic dreaming, you still don't seem to get all the stuff in you want to. Then you look at the calendar and November is coming at you like a freight train and the leaves blowing in the wind today will be tomorrow's snow drifting. You can bet on it!

Well......I am guilty as anyone. I guess I just need to focus on all the stuff I did get to do. It was good stuff. I also think it means I need to cherish every moment. Even the simple bicycle rides in the local neighborhood. It all can't be "epic", but it all is a blessing.

So, with that said, I stand here and see that I haven't been like "lazy", or anything, I mean- I am a pretty busy guy. I shouldn't feel bad. But I miss friends, and chances to ride with them. It kinda sucks.

That's it. No more lamenting!

And Now..... A note on T.I.V8.  I have a rough draft of a course. It will be approximately the same mileage as in years past. I have a weekend saved out to do recon. I am going for the "all-in-one-shot" recon effort, so it will be pretty rad. I plan on going right through a night and into the next day. Hopefully, it'll all be easy with no major re-routing.

Stay tuned. More T.I.V8 news will be coming soon....

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