Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday News And Views

Well, that went well....

Thanksgiving came and went with a reasonable consumption rate. Nothing too far gone went down the hatch yesterday, and I feel pretty good about the food I ate. Of course, I didn't hold off on the IPA's when I got home, but hey! I felt compelled to celebrate a few things. ya know- being thankful and all!

Hope your day was a pleasant one yesterday.

Barn for Jason
I got my gravel road ride in on Wednesday. I figured I had better just get it done, since the snowy weather can't be far off.

I was super stoked to be out there in the country again. The gravel was in great shape. Very dry and super fast. The weather was a bit chilly and gray, but at this time of year, you have to lower your expectations here a bit!

I got in a nice two hour ride and I must not wait as long between gravel rides. So many nice roads to choose from that if I wait to sneak a ride in the choices nearly paralyze me. I need to take advantage more than I have. If I keep up a steady diet of these choices, I won't be wanting to do them all with only two hours to ride!

Well, I also should add that missing out on the longer gravel rides showed up as some very stiff and sore muscles the next day! Another reason not to short shrift myself on those gravel grinders.

It has started! The registration for T.I.V8 has begun with the "Finishers" taking their crack at entering the eighth edition of the event starting today.

The list of finishers is on the site, so no cutters can be allowed! The Finishers have until December 2nd at midnight to claim a spot. If they do not do so by then, the window closes for another year.

There are 57 Finishers in all, and 100 roster spots total. Of course, not all the Finishers will take up a roster spot, so we'll have to wait and see how the rest of the remaining spots gets split up between the Rookies and Veterans. Those classes will be filled via post card starting on December 2nd as well. All registration will come to a close on December 10th. See all the details here.

Hope you all get a ride in sometime over this Holiday weekend!

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brianb said...

I can relate on being paralyzed by choices when the rides are infrequent. Whenever I find myself with a free afternoon I spend half the time figuring out where to go!

Never a bad thing to enjoy a few IPA's. Talk about being paralyzed by choices. Lots of good ones out there!