Saturday, November 05, 2011

Salsa Cycles Fargo: One vs Two

Fargos: Gen 1 on Left, Gen 2 on Right
Well, the Gen 2 Fargo has been test ridden. I have to make a few adjustments, but it will not change dramatically from this.

I thought it would be fun to get both Fargos out and line them up against each other. Since both are "Fun Guy Green" in color, at first glance, the differences don't jump out at you.

They are definitely different though. It is obvious when you ride them. The Gen 2 has a positioning which lends a stretched out feel as you ride. The Gen 1 sits you up a bit more. The seat angle and head angle on the Gen 1 put your body weight more rearward, and the Gen 2 puts more of my weight on the front wheel.  Little geometry differences make handling differences that give these two bikes very different personalities.

I've always maintained that the Gen 1 Fargo didn't have a head tube that was extended upward, but one that was extended downward.  This to make up for the non-suspension corrected nature of the fork. You can see that in the side by side comparison where the handle bars and head tube tops are pretty much identical in height.

The other thing that I notice is the overall appearance of Gen 1 Fargo "pops" more with the contrasting decal panel and logos which are almost so subtle on Gen 2 Fargo they are largely unnoticeable. Not that "unnoticeable" is bad, but when the design isn't all that appealing when you do notice it, it is a bit of a letdown rather than a "hey- that's cool!" moment, like it is on the old Big Mama graphics, for example.

My opinion. I'm sure there are others that think the new graphics are super fantastic.

The look of the Gen 2 is "okay" in Fun Guy Green, but I am fine with it. The performance of the bike is what really matters anyway.

Leaner, more meaner.
Like I said, a few things may change. Minor things. At some point, I will add a Chris King green head set. I will have to get a WTB Pure V saddle for this also. Finally, I may or may not stay with the Cane Creek Thudbuster. My thoughts are that a titanium seat post might be just about as good, and it would be lighter to boot. I'm running enough exposed post to make it a worthwhile consideration here, but.....those titanium posts are spendy. 

Then again, some say a nice aluminum post will do just as well. Thomson? Yeah, that would work, and then you have the nice carbon posts from Easton and others.  I dunno. We'll give the Cane Creek its chances on this bike and decide later.

Then you have the reasons for having either Fargo. You know, I don't necessarily need both.  It's like I have said here before though, I so like the first Fargo, and I have some great memories, (and some bitter ones too!), using that bike. Hard for me to let go, and it does do gravel travel really well. So- it still serves a purpose. I will likely build up a specific light duty wheel set for that Fargo and tweak out the drive train a bit, but it is pretty much sitting right where I want it there.

Gen 2 Fargo will be all about mountain biking, single track, and the like. I will also track down a suspension fork for it sometime soon, which will make it more versatile. Sometimes it will be rigid, sometimes suspended, depending upon where I go with it.

So, that's about all for now. Let me know if you have any questions about these, how they differ, or on anything else Fargo related.


S.Fuller said...

Gen 1 will have a bit more volume for frame bags obviously. I *definitely* prefer the graphics on the Gen 1 over the Gen 2. I know they didn't play into the adventure by bike theme, but I think my Dos Niner, which has those same style graphics has one of the sharpest paint/decal jobs of any bike I've owned.

Small Adventures said...

Now THIS is an interesting subject-not just on the Fargo's (which I have an interest in),but seeing a gen 1 and gen 2 of any modern bikes compared this way draws me in. Good read,GT :)