Monday, November 07, 2011

Getting The Rides In

Blackbuck in season
Is it me, or does time seem more compressed at this time of year? It's as if the scurrying and business of the animals getting ready for winter finally rubs off on me. The daylight is shorter. I'm sure that has something to do with it as well.

Whatever it is, I feel pinched. Like I am running out of time on that pop quiz and I have three answers to go in 30 seconds.

I've got some loose ends to sew up before the snow flies in regard to test rides, and I have some things around the house I need to attend to, which really should have been done months ago. Yeah, my middle name is "Procrastination", and that bites me sometimes. Oh well......At least I got some good rides in. 

I also must have some of those genes that make me want to hibernate. I slept like a baby Saturday night, got an extra hour of sleep, due to our silly rearranging of the clock, and still could hardly crawl outta the sack. Again, I blame the season, or is it the end of the season?  Hmm......maybe I'm just wore out is all.

Anyway, I got the Blackbuck all set up with the Manitou Tower Expert fork, aired the Kenda Slant Six tires to a low setting, and hit the Green Belt yesterday. I'll say this, Manitou have themselves a really nice, ordinary suspension device. I am always pleased with the way these forks feel, the ease of set up, the low maintenance, and performance. They do not have some things that would likely make them a hair better. Things like easy to use 15mm through axles, tapered steer tubes, and a presence in the marketplace. Too bad too.

To be fair, I know Manitou is working on bringing out the 15QR versions and tapered steer tube versions of their forks, but every day that goes by is another day they get shot out the back, and that's a cryin' shame. The marketplace could use a strong third competitor that has a competitive price and performance like Manitou almost has.

Time is running on, and people are gettin' rides in. Hopefully Manitou gets bridged up. As for me, I just hope the weather hangs on a bit longer than Thanksgiving this year.....

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