Saturday, November 19, 2011

Jumping The Gun A Bit?

Too bad, really. They were nice cards.....
Every year Trans Iowa registration gets closer, (that's right- it has not started yet), I get these folks that - for whatever reason- want.....nay, need,  to get themselves on Trans Iowa's roster for sure.

I usually get e-mails explaining how the individual is sincere, is training hard, and has accomplishments. Not to belittle any of that. But.......everyone has to get in Trans Iowa by the rules. No exceptions. Oh! you didn't see the rules? (Go here) Yeah.....and read them carefully. 

Obviously I got a couple of post cards in the mail already. Yup. You can see them in the image here. And since they are early, well.......sorry, but they didn't get you in!

So, just to recap: The Finishers get first crack at the roster. That means those that have finished a Trans Iowa event before. You know.......not a new person to the event, ie: A Rookie. No- a person that has actually done this thing all the way through. (Yes- the post cards were from Rookies)

Look for more details on T.I.V8 soon.


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