Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Oh Yeah....It's That Time Of Year Again!

Just To Get Used To It....
So, What it is about this "Movember" thing anyway? Is this some kind of secret "man-club" thing, or a thinly veiled attempt to bilk money from my pockets for a faux-fundraiser, or what?  I mean.....big deal...Men grow facial hair. Get over it already.

Anyway, you may notice that I get a bit grumpy this time of year. Ranting, biting peoples heads off, and just generally a little bit irritable.

November. Time change. Short days.

I guess I don't play well with that. So, knowing me like I do, I have decided to take a preemptive strike against this "darkness". I actually did something about it years ago, but have recently added to my arsenal against cabin fever. Years ago I started cross country skiing. It is a great activity, if you have the snow for it. That isn't always a given in these parts. So, it was a marginally successful pursuit.  Added to that the fact that I had to travel somewhere to do the activity made it another barrier to getting out there.

That's why I needed something else. That something could have been here years ago, but for my misinformed mind telling me "it isn't worth getting this for the two weeks out of the year you would use it". I am glad I finally stopped listening to that little voice in my head. (Yes.....I am crazy. So?.....)

Bare nekkid picture!
That "something" turned out to be the "Snow Dog". The bike that I wrote about yesterday. See, this can be ridden right out of my front door, whether it snows or not. This breaks down a lot of barriers for me.

I also found out that this activity was a blast. I could poke around my own snow bound neighborhood, jumping snow piles, cruising alleyways, and generally goofing off, all the while staying warm, and getting some much needed exercise.

Which brings me to another point I don't like about this time of year. It gets dark, the weather gets worse, and all I want to do is sit around and nibble on this or that. Not good. Me and "sedentary" shouldn't hang out with each other. Really. It just turns out bad for me. So, I am making another preemptive strike against needless nibbling.

It all starts with Halloween. That time that we are supposed to be focusing on spirits and instead, it got twisted into a corn syrup fed orgy of commercialism. Meh! Then it goes right into more darkness followed by Thanksgiving, another carbo-fueled excess that has been twisted into something unrecognizable from its origins. And just gets worse from there. Especially for me with two family members birthdays in December immediately followed by Christmas, New Years, and then the deep, frigid loneliness called January. 

Oh.......sorry! I got a little carried away there. what I was gonna say is that I am going to consciously consume less and move more in this Winter season. So, if "Move-ember" is what ya'all are talkin' about now, I am totally down with that idea. Yeah. Move! All winter.

Ready, set, go!

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