Monday, November 28, 2011

Well, Now I've Gone And Done It!

The Triple D Race is a winter race where contestants either run, ski, or bike a course that goes through Dubuque, Dyersville, and Durango, Iowa in one form or another. (The bikers use a different course than the runners and skiers)

I got a suggestion to enter into the Triple D last year when folks found out I was building up a Mukluk. Well, that bike didn't come together in time, and just as well, since even if it had, a mechanical in waiting would have put me out of the event in short order.

So I escaped dealing with any sort of winter bike event, that is until I got in CIRREM, which for all intents and purposes was a winter bike race event. (Which, by the way, will take place on February 25th this year) CIRREM was cold, snowy, and the same distance as Triple D, so I have something to go on, at least, for planning. read that right, I am planning on riding the 2012 Triple D event. I got myself into this by a special invite from race director, Lance Andre, who only asks that I write about all of this for your reading pleasure. So, there is the disclaimer. The thing is, this sounds pretty fun, actually.

Everyone that reads this blog of late probably knows I have the bicycle for this deal. The Salsa Cycles Mukluk will be the rig of choice, that is unless it turns out that there is no snow. (Hey- it has happened before in Januray!)

In all likelihood, I'll be on this rig though. I have pogies, so that will be another equipment factor already in hand. Today I am picking up my footwear, some Keen boots I had already planned on getting, and Big Fat Larrys are sitting in the basement ready to be put on the Rolling Darryl rims.

I've got to work on a few more details to. Clothing being one. I have stuff, but finding a good combination for potentially waaaay below zero windchill and air temperatures must be worked on. I've got some ideas there.

Then there is the nutrition. I saw a nice recipe for some homegrown energy bars recently on a friend's blog here. I think I may have to look into that, but when cold temperatures make things hard like a brick, that may not work too well. Experimentation will be taking place.

Training is already happening. I started doing things even before this came up, just in case I decided on doing CIRREM again. Bigger rides will be happening soon.

I plan on doing my usual updates when going into something like this. So look for those coming at random intervals. I will also be doing a big ride report on this event here and on The Speaking of which, check out the buyers guide we put up for your gift giving convenience here. (Just in case you have a cyclist on your Christmas shopping list.)

Stay tuned for more on Triple D coming soon......


Jerry said...

way to go GT. the triple d was one of my favorite events last year. great people and a beautiful trail. I'm looking forward to racing again this year.

john said...

Mark - let me know about some of your long rides this winter - would love to share some of this adventure with you. And, I could use motivation to get out for some big miles.
If there is enough snow this winter I'd like to ski that beast

Steve Fuller said...

Mark - Remind me what size your Mukluk is again. If my Fargo frame bag happens to fit your Mukluk, you're welcome to it for the race. I'd off you the one of my Mukluk, but, um, it will be in use that day. :)

Guitar Ted said...

@Steve Fuller; My Muk is a 19"/Large. No worries if it doesn't work out. I've got a Tangle bag I can use and a big seat bag, plus my Planet Bike Snack Pack "gas tank" type bag.

chuck said...

Good luck with the Triple D. For my winter miles I usually stick to Larabars because they don't freeze up like anything else I'd consume in warmer months. Gu works also but I get tired of that after a while.

Kevin said...

At the pace we're on for snow, we'll be riding gravel bikes for the Triple D.


Guitar Ted said...

@Kevin: Well, I'm good with that, but it could all change in a day or two. I wouldn't bet against snow!