Sunday, January 08, 2012

Barns For Jason

Last Saturday, I did a lot of driving for T.I.V8 recon. I always have my old Fuji point and shoot at the ready, so if I see a cool old barn, I can get a photo of it. I do it because my buddy Jason, (GNAT to most of you blog readers), said one time that he would like to collect images of barns and I said I'd do that to.

So, it is a bit of a game I play while doing recon. Whether or not Jason likes them, I don't know, (I hope so!), but even if he hated them, I'd do it anyway, because it is fun, and I like barns too. So, without further adieu, here are my latest "Barns For Jason" that I collected over the weekend....

As you can see, I caught a lot of them as I sped by at 35-45mph! I did miss more than a few, and I really regret not getting the 1895 barn I saw. I'll try and track that down during T.I.V8, but I am sure I'll be seeing more barns before then!

hope ya'all enjoyed that. Next post will be back to bicycles again....

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