Saturday, January 07, 2012

The Big Plan For The Day

I'm out in the sticks, doing recon!
Well, today I am going to do something that I have been planning for, but have had to put off for one reason or another, for over two months now. What is that?

T.I.V8 recon, that's what.

Not that I haven't been doing anything at all about that, because I have. Much pouring over maps, looking at Google Earth, trying different route solutions, and trying to keep the mileage within reason. Tasking all that with a mind to convenience store opportunities and it gets a little bit dicey sometimes.

But it isn't anything I haven't done before. It always requires actual eye-to-course recon anyway, so that is what today is all about. Getting some solutions to some perceived issues that may force alternate decisions.....or not!

The thing is, the route must be picked up where I left off last time, at the apogee of the circuit. It is making for a long drive, that's for sure! The good news is that shorter bits and pieces of the route back to Grinnell have already been looked at, so it should go well, at least it will if a couple of key points turn out to my benefit. So, stay tuned for a T.I.V8 recon report and course update to come, hopefully soon!

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