Saturday, January 14, 2012

Trans Iowa V8: Updates

Official T.I.V8 Sponsor
Your Latest On Trans Iowa V8: Just got the official word yesterday that Trans Iowa will once again be sponsored by Oakley. This time, the thought is to do something very unique.

In speaking with Rob Versteegh, an Oakley rep for this area, it was agreed that Trans Iowa competitors probably have a strong allegiance to some eyewear already, and most likely are good on that front. However, Oakley does more than just eyewear. They happen to do timepieces as well.

This is intriguing since time is a big factor in all things Trans Iowa. You have to get your post cards in on time, you have to spend a lot of time getting ready for Trans Iowa, and of course, we have time limits in the event itself.

So, it looks like Oakley is going to provide an engraved timepiece to the overall winner of Trans Iowa this year! Pretty cool.

And, in related news, another event is being talked about that would feature Oakley, so stay tuned for further updates on this development. If this goes down as planned, it would take place the day before Trans Iowa on Friday, April 27th.

300 Miles of Gravel Trailer from Jeff Frings Photography on Vimeo.

Next, the film, "300 Mile Of Gravel", which was filmed at last years T.I.V7, is being planned for finishing up previous to T.I.V8. Jeff Frings, the videographer on the project, and who is single handedly producing this effort, says that he would like it to premier before T.I.V8 in Grinnell. If everything can be worked out, we may have a matinee showing of the film project before the Pre-Race Meat-Up. Again, this is all in the planning stages, so things could change in a hurry, but these are the intentions for now.

Finally, after all this Triple D madness passes by, I will have a little time before Frostbike to work up the cue sheet drafts for T.I.V8's course. The last 20 miles are left undone, and that will be determined by a few key decisions yet to be made. Once the final pieces to the puzzle fall into place, I can direct the route into Grinnell and the recon will be complete. Cue sheets should be done before the weather breaks, and then final course checking will take place. So far, everything is on track for T.I.V8 to be a great event.

Okay, that's all for now. Hopefully the training is going well. Look for more T.I.V8 updates coming soon.


J-No said...

I have no chance at winning TI. Maybe a TI finishers watch (to be available for purchase of course)?

Ari said...

I think the film is going to be fantastic. I am sure that we are all really looking foward to the premier.

J-No said...

Scratch that. I just saw that the watches are $600+. Awesome watch though. Cool for the winner.

Kellie said...

Can't wait to see this film!

Irishtsunami said...

They have amazing time pieces. I get a military/law enforcement deal from Oakley and I cannot afford one. I think this would be an great incentive to win!