Monday, August 20, 2012

Just A Little Trip

Well, here is what I've been up to on Sunday: Played my guitar at church for the band through a Vox AC30 CC2 that I'm demoing to see if I want to buy it. Then I headed home, had a quick lunch, and made my way through some scattered showers to Northfield, Minnesota.

I hooked up with Ben and his wife, ate at Tokyo Grill, (mmmm sushi!), and then Ben and I went for an early evening cruise in a restored, red on red, early sixties Mercury Comet convertible. Top down, heater on, since it was in the low 60's out in the country!

Then we repaired to Ben's place, had a "Last Judgment" brew, and another one called something, something blonde. Can't remember now since the Last Judgment brew was 10%. Oh well.

Then we gabbed, had some homemade chicken noodle soup, gabbed some more, and then I hit the hay. All that to say that by the time morning is over, I'll have had 20 miles of gravel and will be heading out for lunch, then to the Salsa Cycles demo at Carter Lake.

A full report will be forthcoming. Stay tuned......Until then, "Goof Off Mode": ON!


Dave said...

OK, so what about the Vox

Guitar Ted said...

@Dave: Sorry for the late reply. The AC30 CC2 is a beastly, heavy to haul, nice sounding amp. I happen to be okay with the slightly darker sounding Wharfdale speakers, but that's a bone of contention for some.

It nails the Queen sound with single coil guitars, but can get a classic Marshal crunch and kerrang with a Les Paul. Tremlo is dreamy. The reverb is big and wet sounding.

It is a master volume amp, so you can crank it down and still get decent rock and roll sounds. Not channel switching, but you can link channels,(via onboard toggle switch), for a grimy sound, or plug into the basic channel for chime, but you can not switch from a foot pedal.

It gives my guitars a whole new character from my Fender amp, so I am probably going to get it.