Friday, August 03, 2012

Friday News And Views

2013 Trek Stache 29"er
For a few years now some smaller Trail/AM/DH companies like Banshee, Canfield Brothers, and Cromag have been pumping out hard tail 29"ers with shorter chain stays and slacker head tube angles built around 120mm+ forks. Well, now Trek has taken note and produced a similar rig in the Stache.

While Trek stuck to a "conservative" 120mm of travel, I can totally see how such a bike would be a blast to ride. Well, only "if" you see yourself  as being a more aggressive rider that likes to blast over, off of, and through trail obstacles XC riders would avoid.

I've toyed with this very concept before with a couple of single speed frames. I really like the idea, but my experiments had geometry better suited to shorter forks, so I abandoned the idea. The bikes I had set up with 120mm forks showed me the potential fun to be had with this kind of a set up though.

If the Stache, (and others of its ilk), can climb as well as they (obviously) should descend, I could see how I might end up with one of these types of 29"ers. The fact that the Stache and other bikes like it can run a dropper post is even more appealing.

2013 Salsa Cycles Beargrease
Another interesting 2013 rig is Salsa Cycles Beargrease fat bike. Aimed at lowering weight and minimalistic, go faster fat bike racing, (which is taking off, actually, believe it or not), the Beargrease is said to weigh only 28.5lbs outta the box stock. Considering most fat bikes weigh north of 35lbs and this makes it more impressive.

I think Beargrease will not only appeal to racer types, but to anyone that wants to point big, fat, bulbous tires up, over, and through stuff more easily. (Notice a theme here today?) I know this is fun to do, and this new model from Salsa will only make that activity more widely appreciated.

Now it is also interesting to note that according to the specs I have seen, Salsa's new Mukluks for 2013 will actually be better for "mountain biking" type rides with the tweaks they have made to that model. Altenator drop outs now will allow shorter chain stay measurements and the bottom bracket height is a tic higher as well than older Muks and the Beargrease.

Salsa does offer frame sets, so older Muks could be parts swapped out to newer Muk frames for the tweaks and the tapered steer tube compatibility the new Muks also have. In fact, there is a Muk 2 frame set in black with purple decals.


3GR: Tomorrow is another 3GR starting from Gateway Park across from downtown Cedar Falls. I know it is forecast to rain, but it looks like it won't come before noon, which is about when I get home from the 3GR anyway. Besides, when doesn't it look like rain for a 3GR? Pretty rare that it doesn't this year anyway.

Remember- next week is a fat bike edition of 3GR, so make your plans to join us next week. I know three to four guys that may show up. It could be the biggest fat bike gravel ride I've ever heard about.


Steve Fuller said...

I was thinking about swapping forks out on my Mukluk until I saw that this new one used a tapered steerer. :(

Head Honcho said...

Mark, you forgot the Krampus! Now THAT is something that I find eternally intriguing. I'm going to try like the dickens to be buying one on the first shipment.

Tim said...

And we will sell purple hubs aftermarket, just for you!