Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Announcing Trans Iowa V9

Getting ready for another one....
Okay, first things first: Trans Iowa V9 will happen April 27th-28th, 2013 from Grinnell, Iowa again.

Let that sink in for a minute.....

Plans are already well under way for the course. I will likely have similar amenities as last year: Pre-Race Meat-Up, 4am start, yada-yada. You guys and gals that have been in this before all know the drill.

There are a few things I am mulling over. One has to do with the field size. I have never had more than 76 of you nut jobs show up for this at any one time, so I am not inclined to go beyond the 100 roster limit I have had for the last several years.

I'm going to have two checkpoints, one remote one, and hopefully no need for a third, secret checkpoint. This time the route will swing near to a 24hr convenience store Saturday night. Hmm.......can't think of anything else big to announce just yet. Registration will be similar to last year. It won't happen till fall, so do not send me any requests for registration now.

Okay- that about does it except to say this: I am a heck of a lot closer to not ever doing another Trans Iowa ever again than I ever have been. Make of that what you will..........


galaxysearchlights said...


Bill G said...

And to think I rode my TransIowa Vaya rig to work today for the first time since the race (and I read this post after I arrived at work) and was contemplating my TI status for 2013.

Happenstance or something else???

And your last sentence really is pushing me in attempt mode again!

MG said...

Well cool... I'm hoping the stars will align and I will be able to participate this time.

Thanks for the update!!


Ari said...

I am concerned about you last sentence. Hope all is well.

Dr. Giggles said...

Fantastic news! Thanks so very much for the gift of another Spring classic in Iowa. SFCA riders and volunteers will be there. The enigmatic final sentence of your TIV9 post however is of great concern. I too hope all is well.

Illegitimi non carborundum.

Dr. Giggles

Joe Partridge said...

Don't think I'll make number 9 but really thinking about number 10! It's such a nice round number!! :)