Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday News And Views

Shining up the Snow Dog
3GR: Fatbikes On Gravel! 

So this edition coming up tomorrow will be a bit different for a couple of reasons. Obviously, I am asking that anyone with a fatbike come to enjoy what should be a perfect morning for grinding gravel on a fatbike. I've been tweaking the Snow Dog for this one, as I haven't ridden it since it was muddy this Spring past.

The second big difference will be that since something is going on in Gateway Park, we'll be starting from the boathouse in Island Park instead. Then we will go up through Black Hawk Park toward the Union Access via the fire road. Before we get there we'll turn off to Ford Road, (if that is possible without a ton of bushwhacking), and if not we'll just take the blacktop from the access to Ford Road and then jog over to our usual course from there. We will therefore be covering a wee bit more mileage than usual, but it shouldn't be too much.

Should be about 4 of us for sure and as always, anyone with any bike is welcome.

2013 Muk frame set. Black w/Purple!
Keeping It Fat: 

As I stated a week ago in the "News And Views", the 2013 Mukluks have a few changes. Main amongst these are the addition of the Altenator Dropout, which adds in single speed capabilities. Secondly, the head tube is now a 44mm one, allowing you to run any straight 1 1/8th or tapered steerer fork for fat bikes that is/may come out. The bottom bracket is a tic higher, and the chainstays can be run a tic shorter than my Muk shown above.

The frame only option from Salsa is purple decals on black. I also understand that purple hubs will be available to build for this. Okay- I like purple a lot. This may turn out to be more than I can stand. The Snow Dog may get a frame upgrade. Maybe......we'll see. Keep in mind, this color is frame/fork only folks. Just so you know. The stock complete Muks will be as follows: Muk 3's- a green one and an orange one, Muk 2, white with green/black decals, and the Muk Ti in raw titanium with bead blasted graphics.

Triple D Race: 2012
More Fatness....

So I got a call at work yesterday from a fellow from NoDak and we chatted fatbike stuff yesterday. (Nice to have that chat, by the way, "J") We covered hub choices and frames and fatbike pre-history and more. I was a bit taken aback when "J" suggested I do the Arrowhead 135.

I never considered it before. "J" had done it this past winter and shared some of his experiences with me. I dunno......I'll have to mull that one over! I will definitely do the Triple D again though. That was a nice event, but as Winter goes, it wasn't terribly extreme, like it can be that time of year. Maybe I won't be as "gun-ho" if it is way below zero and snowy as all get out.

That's all for this week. have a great weekend and go ride!


Tim said...

If Arrowhead doesn't work look at Tuscobia event the last weekend of December. 75 or 150 mile options on rail trail. Great event and well organized.

MG said...

I'm thinking about ditching my Mukluk altogether and picking up a Krampus after a test ride on one the other day. It was rad! Not that my Muk stinks... I'm just ready to try something different. Get some perspective...

I like purple too. I will look forward to seeing your bike, if you decide to do a frame.