Saturday, August 11, 2012

Trans Iowa V9: Brief Update

With the announcement of Trans Iowa V9 the other day, I received a ton of hits on the site here. Looks like interest in this nutty deal is as high as it ever was.

I also have put in a request to Grinnell for the event, and I will make announcements regarding the things concerning that- motel, meeting place, finish line, etc, all when I get the details.

Volunteers: I have already received some offers of help to put on T.I.V9, and those offers will be called in, (thanks!), but eventually I'll be needing some assistance with the event day. If you want to man one of the checkpoints, or help with the finish line, or perhaps be of assistance in some other way, just pop me an e-mail.

Sponsors: Likewise, if there is a way you want to sponsor Trans Iowa with prizing, or a preem idea, just hit that e-mail link above and shoot me your ideas.

Okay, that's going to be all for awhile. Look for Registration announcements and course recon pics in the fall. Stay tuned.......

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