Thursday, August 16, 2012

Making Plans To Go: Part III

Okay, so it looks like this is becoming a mini-series here. Look here for my last update.

Somewhere out here looks pretty good to me...
Last time I showed you By-Tor the Titanium Mukluk with my crude set up for bikepacking on it. Since then I have done the following to get prepared for the S24O I have planned.

  • I got a chunk of Tyvek for a tent groundcloth from a co-worker. Obviously it is a vapor barrier and it packs up nice and small. 
  • With an eye to lightweight minimalism, I tried the rain fly from my Eureka 6 man dome tent as a tarp tent substitute. It doesn't really work, so I abandoned that idea. 
  • For now the Topeak ByKamper is going to be the tent. Bonus- it has its own stuff sack with straps that goes right on the Anything Cage. Negative, it weighs a freakin' metric ton. 
  • I broke down and ordered some Outdoor Research dry bags. If this is going to "take", I figured I had better ante up and get these.
  • I found the place where I want to test this all out. The route we used last weekend for the Fatbike 3GR went over some really rough, rocky spots, which will test the bike set up with gear loaded, and there are several spots to discretely camp out there. 
  • I started a penny stove. (Project was arrested in development when the drill battery died.)  I will make a pot stand from stainless steel spokes, and with my cooking gear, I should be set there.
And so far, that's where my project is at. I should have the final peices to the puzzle put together real soon. Stay tuned.....


randy anderson said...

How about a hammock vs. that tent?

Steve Fuller said...

Suggestion on the tyvek ground cloth - Run it through the washing machine with no soap a couple of times and cold water. It will soften it up a bit, make it easier to pack, and it will make it a lot quieter when you lay it out.

Johann Rissik said...

Just made one of these
Works a treat.
Enjoy the S24O!

Steve Fuller said...

Johann - Thanks for that link. Looks like I have another stove to make this fall/winter.

Guitar Ted said...

@Johann- Yes, thank you....(off to buy a can of Guinness....)