Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday News And Views: Gravel Goodness!

This weekend an event is happening that is close to my heart: Gravel Worlds in Lincoln, Nebraska. I will be regretting not being there all weekend long, but I made my decision to take care of some things back here at the home front, and I have to stick to my guns on that front.

Why is this such a great event in my eyes? I'll just say that it has great people behind it, a really great, accepting, down to earth vibe, and it is challenging and fun. You like competition? It's there. If you like an adventure, you'll find that as well. Do you like tough courses? There aren't many more challenging.

While some think we're just a bunch of yahoos out here wasting our time not being "real racers" or doing things "the right way", that's fine. If Gravel Worlds is "wrong" I don't wanna be right. They can have the other stuff.

For a brief look at what the folks will be riding out there, check out this little ditty....

 Last Spring I was honored to have my friend and very talented photographer, Jason Boucher come and take some images of T.I.V9. Jason spent the better part of two days soaking it all in and taking some incredible imagery out in the rural areas while T.I.V9 cyclists struggled to overcome the challenges presented that weekend.

Now Jason has decided to share his vision and work from that event. You can go here to view a slide show of 69 images he has posted. If you decide you are smitten by one or two or three, they are available to purchase from that site.

Check it out, it is a good little window on what Trans Iowa is about and even if you don't ever see yourself doing gravel, if you like cycling even a little bit, I bet you'll see something there that you think is interesting. (Thanks again, Jason!)

I'll be out there......somewhere!
I've got a job to get done soon and it involves a certain little lighting product and a whole lot of time out at night.

I've already done a few night rides with this light from wooded riding on trails to bike path and streets to gravel roads. It's an interesting and fun thing to do, but I like riding at night, so maybe I am an oddball.

My wife, well she's not so keen on me doing this alone. I used to have a night riding buddy, but lately I've been going solo and Mrs. Guitar Ted, she's not wanting me to get "run over", as she puts it. Well, fortunately I would darn near have to be blind and deaf to get run over at night on a gravel road, so not much to worry about there.

Now as for dogs, wild animals, and drunks- that's another matter altogether! However; I am willing to risk it and I have a plan for this weekend to get out there and do this deed. It should prove to be a good story, at the least. Hopefully everything comes together for this attempt. Stay tuned......

And Finally.....

Even though Gravel Worlds is happening this weekend, I will be doing the 3GR again, same time and same place as always this Summer, which is Gates Park Swimming Pool parking lot at 8:30am. See ya there if you can make it. If not.....I'll go rogue and do a solo route!

Keep the rubber side down, good luck to all the Gravel Worlds riders, and have a great weekend!


Exhausted_Auk said...

I'm sure Gravel Worlds is a great event. My only beef is the name. Surely you cannot call something a World Championship without inviting other countries? And shouldn't it then be held in a different country each year? Even if is more accurately renamed Gravel Nationals, I would expect to see it held in different states from time to time.

Guitar Ted said...

@Exhausted_Auk: In the context of what "Worlds" means to cycling, you must understand that the title of the Lincoln race is somewhat tongue in cheek, and the idea for this actually spawned from the endurance community, where the "World Champion" 24hr rider was crowned in an event that just laid claim to the title, so it was. Nothing "sanctioned", mind you, and Gravel Worlds is an outgrowth of that sort of an idea.

It runs much deeper than that, but this is a broad view of how I see their event. I'm sure they are very much on the "same page" as my thoughts are on "Worlds" anything.

That said, anyone from anywhere is welcomed as long as you follow the registration protocol. They don't exclude anyone based upon nationality.