Monday, November 04, 2013

Trans Iowa V10: Registration Update

The Finishers are taking their spots on the roster for T.I.V10 and there seems to be a bit more activity from Finishers taking spots than ever before since I implemented this system. Usually, the total is a bit above 20 spots. Last year it was 23 total. With six days to go, there are already 28 on the roster, and I suspect a few more will trickle in over the course of this week.

I figure at the rate I am seeing people taking Finisher's spots, it'll be over 30 by Saturday at midnight when their window to register closes. This cuts into the available spots for Vets and Rookies. Remember- I am splitting up whatever is left over equally between the two classes, as I have in years past. This most assuredly means that both the Vet Class and Rookie Class will fill in quickly, I assume within two days for each, once their windows open up. (November 11th for Vets, the 18th for Rookies)

Keep in mind there will be no waiting list! No transfers either. The roster limit is firm at 120 folks, and anyone dropping out along the journey to April 26th, 2014 will not be replaced with anyone else. The maximum amount of folks I can handle at this event without compromising my standards is probably not even 120 folks, but I know getting a 100% show up rate for the start is unrealistic, so I am okay with this.

With that said, the roster is already shaping up to have the strongest Trans Iowa starting field ever. It should be quite a scene in Grinnell this coming April!

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