Thursday, November 21, 2013


The harsh reality of Winter is setting in. Early sunsets, colder air, and the inherent desire to find a cave and hibernate until Spring. It gets harder to find motivation when it is gray, brown, and drippy outside.

Once it snows, it seems that it is suddenly no big deal, but this in between stage- the time of Late Fall, it is a toughie. So I was a bit discombobulated yesterday, trying to keep moving. Despite this, I did manage to accomplish a few tasks. One of which was to spruce up the inbred for Winter.

When it is clear and fat bikes are not really needed, a fat tire on a 29"er does a lot. I've ridden entire Winters on such set ups. The single speed drive train is a perfect set up to help deal with ice, slush, or the general grit of Winter, which derailleur drive trains are not so happy with. But more than that, the single speed makes you work a little harder. Working harder creates more heat, and that can be the difference between staying warm, or freezing some days.

The Inbred may see the addition of the SKS fenders that I have on the Fargo, which will make wetter rides more enjoyable as well. Flat pedals help with keeping me in warmer footwear when the mercury dips into the single digits.

This rig, the titanium Mukluk, the Vaya with studded tires, and my Raleigh which is getting resurrected as a fixed gear bike again are going to make up the Winter fleet here. I should be all set soon....

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