Monday, January 20, 2014

Triple D 2014: Race Report Part 1

Just a short post. I came home straight from the event and am bushed. Well.......that's putting things mildly. Pertinent stats: Approximately 83-85 folks took thestart, apparently. I had heard the night before that 106 signed up, so obviously a lot of no-shows. Too bad.....

I finished 33rd at 7:17pm after starting at 10:00am. It was warm.......too warm. The snow turned to mashed potatoes and the winds drifted in the trails in places, forcing lots and lots of hike a bike. Oh yeah........the course was 67 miles this year, give or take a mile.

Okay, so I have a lot of photos and things to write up about this event, but it will have to wait till Tuesday. My entire family was there this year and we had fun. I also got to spend some quality time with my good friend, MG who came in with a top ten finish on the Singular Puffin proto he was riding. Congrats Brother!

Lots of good friends and acquaintances were there as well, which was fun to see. I met some new people, which is always fun. I got to meet some of you that read this blog: To you- A Special Thank You!


Exhausted_Auk said...

GT - Great to hear you had a successful ride. Congratulations!

john said...

Well done, Mark
Over the last couple years it has been fun to watch your involvement with racing your bike. Eager to hear more about DDD and the other events you have on your schedule.

Unknown said...

Nice to meet and shake your hand, GT! I probably wouldn't have heard of Triple D (or maybe even fatbikes) if I hadn't come across your blog a couple years ago.

MG said...

Thank you so much, Mark, both for the shout out, and for the entire weekend. Hanging with you and your family was one of the best parts about my time in Dubuque!

Congratulations on your great finish, as well. You rode strong out there, Brother!