Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Time To Contemplate

May be modifying this for potentially sloppy Triple D conditions
While everyone and their brother are going on about this polar vortex stuff and posting images of "ice beards" and car thermometers, I will spare you all of that. Yes......it is cold. It does this from time to time in the Mid-West. Why, I remember the time back in '96 when it was -30 and our furnace wasn't working.......anyway. 

My family had the unfortunate experience of being sick all on the same day. My daughter escaped the worst of it, but the rest of us were laid up all day, for the most part, with flu-like symptoms with extremely painful headaches being the main malady. Anyway- it gave me plenty of down time to consider many things.

One of those things was the was how the weather is going to be changing soon. If you can take your eyes off the media-train wreck of doom going on now, you might notice that the weather prognosticators are telling us it will be warming up significantly. Not that the weather folk are always right, but even if they are remotely close, this will mean softer, wetter, messier snow and a possibility that at Triple D, the worries will be more about wet snow, ice, and staying dry more than about frigid temperatures.

To that end, I am making some plans........ In the meantime, I have to concentrate on getting better!

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graveldoc said...

Hope you and your family are back to "full steam" real soon!